How To Change The Last Name On Your Social Security Card


If you’ve recently divorced or married and wish to change your last name on your social security card, you’ll need to have some documentation regarding your new last name. This documentation can be in the following forms: your legal marriage certificate, your legal divorce decree.

Need Of Original Documentation

You’ll need one document or the other in order to change your social security card to your new last name. The Social Security Administration will only accept the original documentation. No photocopies or substitutions are permitted. You’ll also require proof of your identity. This proof can be a valid certified original birth certificate, a valid passport, your driver’s license, or your photo identification if you don’t have a driver’s license.

You’ll also need to print out the form from the Social Security website to change your name. Print this out and fill it out in its entirety. Check online at the Social Security website for your local office or the address to mail all of this information to. The Social Security Administration will return your original documents unharmed.

Many people hesitate to mail in such important documentation and prefer to take it into their local Social Security office. This is fine as long as all of the required documents are with you.

Social Security Administration For New Card

Once you’ve applied with the Social Security Administration for your new card in your new last name, it will take a few weeks for your new card to arrive. Keep in mind that this will be the same social security number as your previous card, the only change is going to be your new last name.

If you are needing your new card for a new job, you may have to tell the employer that you’ve ordered a new card and it’s on its way and take it into them at a later date. It’s always wise to apply for your new card as soon as possible to avoid delay when you need your new card.

Keep Documents At Safe Place

Keep your important original documents in a safe place so that you can find them when you need them. It’s important to have your birth certificate and passport at the ready if you should need to produce them. If you misplace an important document always replace it as soon as possible to avoid any issues regarding your name.

Keep copies of the documents at home in a safe place as well. Should you ever require proof you may be able to utilize these for a short period of time. There are a variety of tabs available on the Social Security website that you can go to for help in procuring any important information that you require. Depending on your job position, you may have to go by your previous last name until your new documentation arrives. Keep this in mind if you must sign with your legal name in your current job position.

Process To Change The Name On Social Security Card

The Social Security Administration will allow you to change the name on a social security card up to three times in one year. It’s also important to know that you can only request a new card 10 times in your lifetime, except for name changes. As long as you have the proper documentation, you can change this as frequently as you need to. Many people get caught up in websites that offer to do this for you, however, many of these websites charge a fee for this process. The Social Security Administration never charges a fee for this process. Always make sure that you’re not paying for a service that you can get for free. Additionally, some of the websites that offer this service are fraudulent and you may wind up losing your identity while you’re at it.

This can take up even more time and money and cost you your good name and your good credit score. Don’t risk this, use the Social Security Administrations website and avoid these excess fees and the risk of losing your identity and good credit. For most people, the entire process is smooth and easy and there are no issues in getting their new card in a few short weeks. If there are issues, it’s typically because they didn’t give an original document to the social security card change name and the Social Security Administration must request more documentation to prove their identity.

If you’re recently divorced or married and you plan to go by your spouses last name, or go back to your maiden name (or another name) you must start with your social security card so that you can get all of your other documents changed to your new last name.

The process is pretty painless and you’ll always get your original documents back so there’s no worry about giving them the originals. In a few weeks, you’ll have your new card with your new name.

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