You Don’t Have To Send A Letter To Change Your Mailing Address

Change Mailing Address

With certain companies and organizations, you have to change your mailing address with them by filling out a form and sending it to them in the mail. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to send them a letter. They should provide you with instructions on how to do it, and it will be quite easy. Yet, there is nothing easier than being able to change your address online.

How You Can Get it Done?

That’s how you can get it done with the post office. In fact, the post office will forward all mail to your new address, regardless of whether or not those other companies and organizations know about your new address. You would think they would have an easy enough time catching on these days, but you might also want to notify them using their preferred method.

If there isn’t a change of address form on the back of any correspondence they send you, then it could be that you do have to write them a simple letter. Perhaps you no longer have the correspondence they have sent you anyway, and you need to change your address before you move. Remember to always check address change moving checklist and see if you can do it online first. Then you can do it by snail mail if you absolutely have to do it that way.

My mom isn’t one to do anything online, but she recently handled changing her address for important tax documents that way. I helped her get it done, and actually, hers was a change of email address. That just shows you how snail mail is becoming outdated. It is still a necessary service though, one that I like very much.

How Long Do You Have Before You Need Your Mail Forwarded?

Whether you like snail mail or not, you are going to want to make sure that you change your address. It is necessary in order for you to get mail sent to the right place. How long do you have before you need your mail forwarded? Even if it is going to be awhile, you can do it now and select the right date on the calendar. The post office will start forwarding your mail as soon as they process your request.

 Change Your Mailing Address

It should go without saying that you are going to need to submit your request in advance. The post office will confirm your change of address request quickly enough, but they will still have to process it and put it in motion. Once that is done, your mail with start arriving at your new location. It is a simple process that is also free of course, unless you choose the $1 option that further privatizes your information and provides extra security.

That sounds like an unnecessary step if you ask me, but it’s up to you what you end up choosing to do when it comes to your change of address request. You might as well get it done so that you can cross it off of your to do list. Now you know how easy it is and that you don’t have to write a letter.

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